All medical care providers are obliged to offer a professional standard of care. From surgeons to dentists to general practitioners to specialists, doctors are judged based on what a competent medical professional with a similar background would have done. If no reasonable doctor with similar experience would have made the mistake the doctor made under the circumstances, a claim may be made for medical negligence.  medical-faculty-1530317

Patients must be aware of the many different types of behaviors that can be considered medical malpractice in Atlanta. Whenever a mistake occurred during treatment, it is imperative for patients to get legal guidance to determine if the error is compensable. If the patient can prove the doctor caused losses due to actionable negligence, the patient or his or her surviving family members can obtain compensation for actual economic losses as well as for compensatory or non-financial damages for things like pain and lost companionship.

Seven Top Causes of Atlanta Malpractice Claims

Recently, research was performed to determine the common mistakes made by medical care providers that lead to claims of malpractice. More than 4,000 primary care physicians and specialists were part of a study conducted by Medscape and reported on by Becker Hospital Review.  The research revealed that the seven most common reasons for malpractice claims to be brought against healthcare providers included:

  • Failure to arrive at a correct diagnosis. In 31 percent of malpractice claims, patients alleged that the doctor they sought treatment from did not diagnose their illness correctly.
  • Botched treatment. In 31 percent of malpractice claims, patients alleged they experienced an abnormal injury as a result of problems with the procedures they underwent or the treatment which was provided to them by the caregiver.
  • Failure to treat.  In 12 percent of claims, patients alleged their doctors did not provide medically-acceptable treatment for conditions the patients were experiencing.
  • Insufficient education and instruction.  Four percent of patients making malpractice claims alleged doctors did not provide them with sufficient instructions or provide them with education about their treatments and follow-up protocols.
  • Medication errors. Four percent of malpractice claims arose as a result of patients not being administered medication properly. Medication errors could include administration of the wrong drugs; doctors prescribing drugs that have dangerous interactions with other medications a patient is taking; or patients being given either the wrong medication or the wrong dose of a medication.
  • Lax safety procedures. Three percent of patients claimed their doctors did not follow standard safety protocols and procedures in providing care.
  • Informed consent issues. Three percent of patients making malpractice claims were seeking compensation because their caregivers did not obtain the patient’s informed consent before beginning treatment.

If you were harmed by these common mistakes or by other medical errors that affected your health, you need to get legal help. An attorney can assist in getting your medical records and proving malpractice occurred so you can be compensated for resulting losses.

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Many people visit Atlanta every year for work or for pleasure. Staying in hotels is common when visiting the area. Hotels, like other businesses, have a basic obligation to make sure their premise is safe for these visitors. Hotel guests are classified as invitees, so hotel operators have the highest duty under the law to these patrons who come to stay.  Unfortunately, accidents can happen at hotels because those who operate these hospitality businesses do not always maintain the safe environment that is expected of them. premises liability injuries

When an injury occurs in a hotel, contacting an Atlanta premises liability lawyer is important for victims. Visitors to the area who were hurt in a hotel may not live locally, so will need to make informed choices about where and how they can pursue a case for compensation for their damages.

Risks of Accidents and Injuries in Atlanta Hotels

Cornell University conducted a study to determine the sources of risk at Atlanta hotels so visitors would be aware of common causes of injuries and so hotel operators could be better informed about the biggest risks they need to mitigate. According to the Cornell Research:

  • Slip and fall injuries are the leading cause of injuries among hotel guests. Falls are responsible for 42 percent of injuries that guests experience. This includes trips and slips, as well as incidents where hotel patrons fall from elevated heights.  Hotel staff was also at risk of fall injuries, and falls accounted for 42 percent of employee injuries in hotels as well.  Balconies, stairways, parking lots, baths and showers, and ramps were the most common locations within hotels where fall injuries occurred.
  • Negligent security is the second most common cause of injuries among guests of hotels.  A total of 40 percent of injured hotel patrons were harmed as a result of the hotels’ failure to provide adequate security to prevent robberies, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes.
  • Food poisoning or other food-borne illnesses were another cause of guest injury. Approximately three percent of the situations in which patrons were harmed in a hotel occurred due to problems with the food that was served to them.
  • The remaining fifteen percent of injuries at hotels occurred as a result of other causes, including defective product injuries and being hit by objects such as items falling off of shelves onto patrons.

After an incident at a hotel causes harm to a patron or to a staff member, it is important for the victim to understand what his or her rights are and how the civil justice system can be used to get compensation. While hotel employees can’t sue their employers and have to make a workers’ comp claim to get benefits, other victims could file a civil lawsuit and seek monetary payment for losses through a negotiated settlement or personal injury trial.  An attorney can provide assistance to hotel patrons and staff in fighting to get the money they need to pay for economic and non-financial damages after a hotel injury.

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Property owners and those who provide services to the public have a basic duty of care. They must provide a reasonably safe environment.  However, property owners and those offering services do not have the responsibility to guarantee the safety of visitors in all situations.  The question in determining liability is whether the property owner was reasonable in the protections taken to prevent injury. This question is answered by considering many factors. assumption of the risk

One issue that can complicate things significantly is when a victim is engaging in an activity with inherent dangers.  For example, if someone goes skiing, there are natural risks associated with skiing. The owners of ski resorts cannot be responsible every time someone gets hurt at the resort.

The same is true when someone does any other sort of dangerous activity, from boating and water skiing to sky diving or zip lining.  In situations where you engage in inherently risky activities, including when you sign a release of liability, it is important to understand your rights. An experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you to determine if you can make a case for compensation after an injury in these complex situations.

Assumption of the Risk and Atlanta Personal Injury Claims

One recent case in which a 16-year-old skier died by suffocating illustrates the complexity of cases when victims engage in inherently dangerous activities. The young skier was skiing alone on the edge of a groomed trail according to Claims Journal. He fell headfirst into a tree well, where he died due to suffocation. His family is suing for medical expenditures, other expenses, and compensation for non-economic damages.

The basis of the lawsuit brought by the skier’s parents and brother is that the ski resort failed to provide adequate warnings about the dangers of tree wells. The plaintiffs claim the tree well was very close to the area where skiers dismount from the ski lift and was close to the edge of the groomed trail provided by the resort. The area where the tree well was located was not restricted or blocked off in any way, and no warning notices about possible dangers were posted. Further, just 10 days after the 16-year-old skier, another death occurred in a tree well, this time of a 29-year-old snow boarder.

The ski resort contended that the lawsuit should be dismissed because tree wells are an “inherent danger” of skiing and because the 16-year-old was killed because he was not skiing within his ability. The judge, however, ruled against the ski resort’s request to dismiss the case and indicated the case should go to trial so a jury could decide if the resort should be liable or not.

It will be up to the family of the victim to prove that the ski resort was negligent, and that the resort should be held accountable for the death, while the ski resort would have the obligation of proving the victim assumed the risk if the resort wants to avoid liability. In cases like this where there is a question of whether a victim assumed the risk of the particular thing which caused his death, having an attorney providing legal representation becomes especially important.

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During the holiday season, many people visit nursing homes. You may go to a nursing care facility to see friends or family members, or as a volunteer to bring holiday cheer. When visiting a nursing home facility, it is imperative to be on the lookout for signs of any problems that could indicate a vulnerable senior is being abused. christmas-star-1420864

According to WIAT, nursing home abuse is extremely common.  One survey of 2,000 residents of nursing home facilities revealed 44 percent said they had personally been the victims of abuse and 95 percent had witnessed someone else being either abused or neglected. Too many seniors are not able to speak up for themselves to put a stop to abuse, and they need someone who can help them to file appropriate reports and file civil lawsuits to get compensation for harm they endure. An elder abuse lawyer can help those who are harmed by abuse, so speak up and get in touch with an attorney if you believe someone in your life has been harmed by poor treatment at a nursing home.

Signs of Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse to Watch For

As you visit loved ones in nursing homes over the holiday season, you should be aware of the six primary types of abuse which nursing home residents are subject to so you can be watchful for any signs that any abuse or neglect is occurring.

Administration for Community Living defines the six types of abuse to include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Financial abuse or exploitation
  • Neglect
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Abandonment

When a nursing car provider accepts a patient, the nursing facility becomes responsible for providing for the patient’s needs and for ensuring the resident is able to maintain an acceptable quality of life.  Any abuse or neglect, whether it is intentional or whether it results from understaffing, lack of training, or carelessness, can result in severe physical and emotional damage to seniors.  Some of the different signs of abuse to watch for include:

  • Burns, bruises, cuts, and other physical injuries.
  • Depression, anxiety, or fear- especially around certain caregivers.
  • Loss of interest in normal activities.
  • Unexplained or dramatic weight loss.
  • Poor hygiene.
  • Ripped or torn clothing or broken eye glasses.
  • Broken bones which cannot be explained.
  • Bed sores or pressure ulcers.
  • Unexplained disappearance of money or assets.
  • Redness around the genitals or breasts.

These and other signs of abuse are major red flags which should prompt immediate action. If abuse or neglect is discovered and a senior suffers any harm as a result of the failure of the nursing facility, the nursing home and staff members can all be held accountable for both economic and non-financial damage. An experienced attorney can help in taking legal action to hold nursing home facilities legally and financially responsible for damage that abuse and neglect can cause to vulnerable seniors.

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Lawsuit for medical negligence are common, because errors made by healthcare providers occur far more frequently than most patients would like to think about. When medical care providers make errors, the consequences can be devastating to patients. A patient can face a much more grave prognosis and in many cases, the mistake in care leads to irreversible harm. medical malpractice lawsuit

While any doctor can make errors, there are certain physicians and caregivers who are more likely than others to damage the health of patients.  Medscape has recently reported the results of one survey showing which physicians are most likely to face lawsuits.  Patients harmed by care providers in these or other fields must understand whether they should make a claim after they suffer an adverse health outcome due to botched treatment. An Atlanta medical negligence lawyer can provide invaluable assistance to patients in determining what their options are for pursuing a damage claim.

Which Doctors are Most Likely to Make Medical Mistakes in Atlanta?

In a 2010 report published by American Medical Association, 42.2 percent of doctors said they had been sued for negligence at least one time over the course of their working life and 22.4 percent said they had faced at least two lawsuits. Among doctors who had been practicing medicine for the longest periods, there was a 61 percent chance the physician would report that he had been sued in the past.

Medscape conducted a survey of 4,000 primary care doctors and specialists to find out which medical professionals were facing the greatest number of lawsuits. Of the doctors in this recent survey, 59 percent had been sued at least once and 12 percent said they’d been sued without any other co-defendants.

Obstetricians and gynecologists had the highest rate of claims filed against them, with 85 percent of care providers in these professions reporting a past lawsuit.   Surgeons and orthopedists also had high rates of lawsuits, with 83 percent of surgeons saying they had been sued and 79 percent of orthopedists reporting a past history of litigation.

The doctors who were most likely to be sued were also at the greatest risk of being the only defendant named in the litigation. Surgeons were most likely to be the only named defendant, with 23 percent of cases brought against these care providers only naming the surgeon. When only the doctor is named but no one else, this means the victim doesn’t believe the hospital or any other caregivers shared blame: the surgeon was solely responsible for causing harm.

In cases against orthopedists, the orthopedist was the only named defendant in 23 percent of cases and in cases against obstetricians and gynecologists, the doctor was the only one named in the lawsuit in 23 percent of claims.

Whenever you have been harmed, it is important to determine if the care provider was the only one responsible or if there are others who you can sue. Bringing a case against multiple defendants can make it possible for you to get broader compensation since there will be more money and insurance available to pay for losses. An attorney can help you to determine when you can make claims for medical errors.

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Victims of medical malpractice who file lawsuits against doctors will often end up dealing with malpractice insurance providers. Unfortunately, these medical malpractice insurers sometimes fail to live up to their obligations. Insurers could offer low settlements and try to deprive Atlanta malpractice victims of compensation they deserve, or could even deny claims which should be paid out. In one recent case, the behavior of the insurers was so egregious the insurance company was ordered to pay plaintiffs $13 million in punitive damages as well as compensation for actual malpractice losses, resulting in a total verdict of more than $14 million. pediatrics-1529152

Victims of malpractice clearly cannot count on insurers to do the right thing and make payments when tremendous losses occur. Victims, however, do have options and can receive significant compensation when juries decide insurers act unfairly after doctors cause harm. An Atlanta birth injury lawyer can provide invaluable legal assistance in cases where medical negligence occurs. Our attorneys can deal with insurers on behalf of patients and can explore all possible legal grounds for maximizing compensation after losses.

Insurer’s Bad Faith Leads to Multi-Million Dollar Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

The Tribune reports the incident arose out of a medical mistake in which a baby was deprived of oxygen. The parents of the baby, who was severely brain damaged due to the oxygen deprivation, sued the hospital, the ER doctors, and the obstetricians. While the hospital and ER doctors’ insurance companies settled, the insurer for the obstetricians did not.

The parents took the case against the obstetricians to trial and were awarded compensation in excess of policy limits. The compensation covered injuries to the mother, as well as the wrongful death of the child, who lived for three years with severe brain damage before finally passing away.

The insurance company paid out to policy limits, but the parents were still owed more than $1 million in additional compensation. Although the parents could have pursued a claim to recover the money from the personal assets of the obstetricians, they instead chose to pursue a claim for bad faith against the insurers.

The parents claimed the insurer was misleading about the extent of insurance coverage available to cover the losses caused by the death, and claimed the insurer had failed to inform the obstetricians about a settlement offer which could have resulted in the case being resolved within policy limits.

The insurance company had a duty to negotiate in good faith with the parents to resolve the case and minimize or avoid financial loss to the doctors, but the insurer failed to do so. Because of this failure, the court found the insurers acted in bad faith and awarded $13 million in punitive damages, as well as ordering the insurer to pay the additional $1.3 million still due to the parents from the initial jury award for their child’s death.

The insurance company has been involved in a total of 25 bad faith claims over the prior 25 years. Their behavior shows the extent to which insurers go to save money- as well as the importance of plaintiffs knowing their rights and aggressively pursuing claims for compensation when medical malpractice occurs.

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Atlanta nursing homes should be sued whenever the facilities fail their patients through abuse or neglect. Some patients and family members, however, are finding out they are unable to file a claim in civil court even when the actions of nursing homes cause injuries or fatalities. Not only are these patients and family members discovering they are forced to submit claims to binding arbitration instead but, in many cases, they are also learning they have to pay a portion of the fees for the arbitrator’s time.


The federal government recognizes this is a serious problem, depriving patients and their loved ones of justice. The government is considering new regulations to ensure family members who admit patients to nursing home facilities are actually informed of the rights they could be giving up and are protected from being required to give up those rights as a condition of admission. Even as these new regulations are considered, however, 15 attorneys general, 34 U.S. Senators, and more than 50 consumer protection groups are encouraging the government to entirely ban arbitration clauses in nursing home admission agreements.

Patients who are injured or who lose their lives due to neglect or abuse deserve to be fully compensated for damages and losses. Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyers can provide invaluable assistance to victims and their loved ones. Whether your case goes to arbitration or to court, or settles before a trial, we can help you to make your claim and maximize the compensation available to you.

Arbitration Agreements Deprive Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse Victims of Justice

Arbitration agreements are currently included in admissions papers for many nursing home facilities. Family members, who may be putting loved ones into a nursing home under very difficult circumstances, may not take the time to fully read and understand these agreements.

NPR, for example, reported on one woman whose husband was checked into a nursing home because he had dementia. The man’s dementia was so severe he had forgotten how to drink water. Unfortunately, within just a few weeks of nursing home admission, the man lost 20 pounds and went into a coma due to dehydration because the nursing home did not provide him with proper care. As a result of the neglect he experienced, he died within a month.

When his widow pursued a case, she was forced into arbitration. She ultimately prevailed, but had to pay ½ of the cost of the arbitration, which totaled more than $60,000. By the time she paid this cost and paid for expert witnesses and other expenses associated with making her damage claim, she was left with under $20,000 in compensation for her losses.

People like this widow do not deserve to have their rights trampled on when family members or loved ones are the victim of nursing home abuse and neglect. The new federal regulations being proposed aim to help prevent this by requiring nursing homes to explain arbitration agreements before they are signed. The federal government would also preclude nursing homes from making the signing of arbitration agreements a condition of admission.

While this is a step in the right direction, however, banning the use of such agreements as consumer protection groups suggest would be a better approach to protecting the rights of Atlanta nursing home abuse victims.

The Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can represent victims after neglect or abuse occurs. Call today at (404) 814-8949 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. 

Restaurants are supposed to be safe places for patrons to go. Sometimes, however, things go wrong and guests get hurt while they are dining out. Just recently, actress Tori Spelling sustained serious injuries at a restaurant. According to WTOP, Spelling has filed a lawsuit seeking in excess of $25,000 in damages. She claims she suffered a fall due to unsafe property conditions, which caused her to sustain serious burns when her arm hit a hot Hibachi grill.



Incidents like this can happen to anyone, and many victims of slip and falls may wish to pursue claims against the restaurant as Spelling is doing. If you or someone you love got hurt while dining out, while shopping, or when visiting any public location or even private home, you need to understand your rights under Georgia’s premises liability law.

An Atlanta slip and fall accident lawyer can provide legal representation to fall injury victims and can help those who have been hurt to pursue damage claims for compensation.

When Can You Sue a Restaurant for a Slip and Fall?

To successfully sue the restaurant where her burns occurred, Tori Spelling– like other victims of fall injuries– would need to be able to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the restaurant had a legal duty to ensure her safety, which the restaurant failed to fulfill.

Restaurants and other establishments that are open to the public do not act as insurers of their patron’s safety. In other words, they are not responsible for every single accident or every single incident where something goes wrong. They do, however, have certain legal duties to avoid the creation of dangerous conditions.

Restaurants should regularly inspect the conditions of their premises in order to determine if there are any safety hazards or risk factors that could lead patrons to fall or to suffer other injuries like burns or damage from debris falling onto them.

Once a restaurant has identified a potential hazard, the restaurant either should take steps to fix the problem or should provide sufficient warning to patrons so they can avoid being harmed by the property conditions. If a restaurant fails to make sure its property is reasonably safe, it can be sued.

Restaurants can only be held responsible for damages that were directly caused by negligence. For Spelling to recover for her burn injuries, she would need to show the injuries were directly caused by unsafe property conditions at the restaurant. Other patrons who fall in restaurants and public spaces may suffer other types of injuries, like spinal cord damage and broke bones. To be compensated for these losses, the victims would also need to show their specific injuries occurred as a direct result of substandard property maintenance.

If victims can make a claim and show the restaurant is liable, they can be compensated for all economic loss and for all non-financial losses including pain caused by injuries. An attorney can provide assistance in gathering evidence to show how a fall happened so victims can be fairly compensated for loss.

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The Institute of Medicine released a report entitled “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care,” which contains some troubling statistics on the rates of misdiagnosis in American medicine. Researchers preparing the report lamented the fact that there have been inadequate studies done on misdiagnosis, so there is not enough information to assess the impact of this type of error on patient outcomes. However, even with the limited data that has become available on diagnostic errors, it is clear that misdiagnosis of medical conditions is a major problem within the American medical care system. vac-tube-2-1529631

Misdiagnosis can lead to an Atlanta medical malpractice claim. Patients whose conditions are diagnosed incorrectly could experience delays in treatment as their conditions become worse and sometimes incurable. An inaccurate diagnosis could also cause harm to patients who receive the wrong treatment.

An Atlanta misdiagnosis attorney should be consulted when any mistakes in diagnosis are made that cause a condition to worsen or that result in economic and/or non-financial loss to patients.

Misdiagnosis a Leading Cause of Atlanta Medical Malpractice Claims and Patient Injuries

According to a US News report on the Institute of Medicine research, approximately five percent of adults each year who seek outpatient care will not receive an accurate diagnosis of their medical condition. At least one American out of every 20 who goes to a medical care provider for help is going to receive the wrong diagnosis.

There are many reasons for these diagnostic errors including:

  • Superficial assumptions made when ordering tests: Doctors may be over-reliant on their past experiences and may order tests based on what their past history has told them, rather than based on the specific information provided by the patient. When the wrong test is ordered, a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis is much more likely to occur.
  • Poorly coordinated care: Doctors, technicians and professionals who work in laboratories are often forced to do many tasks at once and are faced with constant distraction as they attempt to multi-task. This can lead to mistakes in test administration or lab testing procedures.
  • Failure to follow up: Doctors could identify most misdiagnoses early if they followed up with patients on treatment effectiveness. Unfortunately, too many doctors do not follow up appropriately with their patients.
  • Excessive testing: Too many tests have created complications with interpretation and with assessment of which tests are actually effective.
  • Technological issues in the healthcare industry. Electronic medical records and other health IT has been lagging behind other tech innovations, and effective use of electronic records has not yet been achieved on a widespread basis.

Whatever the specific cause of a diagnostic error, it can have deadly consequences. Misdiagnosis plays a role in one out of 10 patient deaths and diagnostic mistakes account for up to 17 percent of hospital adverse events.

Diagnostic errors are also the top cause of medical malpractice claims in which patients are compensated, and represent the largest share of total malpractice payouts. Errors in diagnosis are twice as likely to result in the death of the patient, as compared with other types of medical error.

The Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can represent patients or their families after a misdiagnosis. Call today at (404) 814-8949 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. 

If you are visiting a loved one or a friend in a nursing home and you notice that your relative or other seniors at the facility seem to be suffering from bedsores, this should make you concerned. While seniors who are bedridden or who are confined to a wheelchair are vulnerable to the development of bedsores, preventing these pressure ulcers is often possible with proper care. When bedsores are prevalent, severe, or infected, this is a major red flag suggesting that the nursing home staff may not be doing their job. morning-light-1476841

When you suspect Atlanta nursing home neglect for any reason, you need to get help. You should consider speaking with a nursing home neglect and abuse lawyer to understand what options you may have. The Division of Aging Services in Georgia also takes reports and may conduct an investigation if there is reason to believe a nursing home is failing its patients. Nursing home neglect can have devastating consequences for older individuals and you could protect the elderly, prevent a tragedy, and help your loved one to obtain compensation by coming forward.

Why Do Bedsores Indicate Possible Atlanta Nursing Home Neglect?

As an individual lays confined to a bed or stuck in a wheelchair unable to move, gravity causes the weight of the body to press down into the bed or chair. The skin can become irritated, damaged, and eventually worn away from this constant pressure. Bedsores or pressure ulcers can develop. Seniors tend to have fragile and thin skin, making them especially vulnerable to pressure sores. Bony areas like the buttocks, hips, and ankles have little fat to protect the body, thus bedsores are especially likely to develop in these areas.

While bedsores are sometimes difficult to prevent, there are many ways nursing homes can help to ensure seniors do not develop pressure sores. Moving patients regularly is one of the most important things that can be done, and is a simple thing for nursing home staff to do. If a senior has bedsores, this could be an indicator that staff members are neglecting this basic and important task.

There are other reasons why bedsores can be a possible red flag of nursing home neglect. Bedsores are more likely to develop when a senior is not getting proper nutrients. Insufficient food intake and malnutrition can result in weight loss, and less fat cushioning the body is going to make bedsores more of a problem. Natural and healthy regeneration of skin cells also relies on adequate consumption of calories and nutrition. A neglectful nursing home staff may not make sure seniors get enough food, which exacerbates the chances of a severe bedsore problem.

Incontinence is a problem for seniors as well. Incontinence leaves the skin moist, making bedsores more likely. Bacteria from urine and fecal matter can also cause bedsore infection if a senior is not kept clean.

Whether bedsores happen because staff members don’t move seniors enough, or because they don’t keep them clean and nourished, there is a major problem. You need to determine if any of these nursing home staff behaviors are causing the bedsores. If so, you can and should consider taking legal action for Atlanta nursing home neglect.

The Atlanta nursing home neglect lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can represent seniors with bedsores due to negligent nursing home staff. Call today at (404) 814-8949 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.