$30 Million Judgment In Overdose Case

A recent medical malpractice and wrongful death judgment came to the attention of our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers. It is always sad to see these situations where medical negligence causes the wrongful death of the victim, as it did in this case.

The case comes from a visit to a pain clinic in January 2011 by 52-year-old William Wardell Bennett. The pain clinic was Brunswick Wellness and Mr. Bennett checked in to treat his chronic back pain. He had a history of medical conditions that none of the staff checked into or asked about. It was the only time he had ever gone to that clinic. Six days later Mr. Bennett was dead from a drug overdose in his home in Appling County, after complaining of respiratory problems two days earlier. An autopsy showed he had multiple drugs in his system that acted together to kill him. Six months after Mr. Bennett’s visit and tragic death, the clinic was raided and shut down by Georgia authorities.

The doctor at Brunswick Wellness that prescribed these drugs to Mr. Bennett was Dennis Momah, who pled guilty in a criminal case earlier this year to prescribing addictive pain medicine without a legitamite medical cause. After barely examining Mr. Bennett. Momah prescribed him 270 tablets of a variant of Oxycodone and 90 doses of Xanax. The owner of Brunswick Wellness, Roland Colandrea Jr., plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute drugs and the clinic’s office manager pled guilty to money laundering. A federal indictment of Mr. Colandrea, the office manager, and three doctors, including Dr. Momah and Drs. Cleveland Enmon and Bruce Tetalman, said that they treated 35 patients in a day and one of the doctors saw as many as 63 patients in a single day. Those two other doctors are also awaiting trial on drug distribution charges.

In January, Mr. Bennett’s widow, Susan Bennett, filed a lawsuit against Brunswick Wellness for medical malpractice and wrongful death for this treatment of her late husband. The lawsuit alleged that Brunswick Wellness was negligent in seeing so many patients in a day that they did not adequately evaluate the patients. It also alleged that Dr. Momah prescribed opiate painkillers with no legitimate use for treating chronic back pain, which is why Mr. Bennett was there. The Wellness clinic didn’t respond to the lawsuit, so earlier this month, Judge Stephen Scarlett in Glynn County Superior Court, issued a default judgment for Mrs. Bennett for $30 million. Her husband’s estate also received $5,570 for funeral expenses and pain and suffering. The judgment will never replace her husband and loss, but at least Mrs. Bennett can now have the peace of not worrying about paying the bills now that her husband is gone, and hopefully she feels some sense of justice for what happened..

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