$6.7 Million for Hernia Operation Gone Wrong

Our Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys read about Thomas and Linda Jackson’s decade long battle to get compensation for Thomas Jackson’s injury during a hernia operation in 2002, which finally came to an end last week.


Mr. Jackson, 57 years old at the time, had a hernia operation on January 17, 2002 at The Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia. During the procedure, Dr. Kenneth Goldman punctured his small intestine and did not repair the hole. The lawsuit alleged that Dr. Goldman noticed he had punctured the outer layer of the intestine, but he did not think the cut was deep enough to cause a leak in the intestine. Mr. Jackson’s condition worsened after the operation, but Dr. Goldman still did not pay attention. Mr. Jackson had a fever, elevated pulse, and pain that medicines didn’t help by the next day, along with low urinary output and a low white blood cell count. By January 19, his organs began to fail and he was put on a ventilator to breathe. It was only after another doctor suggested there may be a problem four days after the operation that Dr. Goldman followed up on his condition. Dr. Goldman used a needle to draw fluid from Mr. Jackson’s abdomen, and then corrected the puncture wound. But it was too late; Mr. Jackson contracted an infection in his abdomen. The infection was so severe that doctors had to leave the cut in his abdomen open for days because of the pressure and to relieve strain. He was bedridden for six months after in intensive care, staying in bed so long he had bed sores that went into the muscles in his back and contractions in his legs that left them permanently damaged. He had to have three more surgeries and two and a half years of physical therapy, and still even today relies partially on a wheelchair because of his damaged legs.

Mr. Jackson had been a millworker before the operation, but could not work after. Mrs. Jackson had to quit her job as well to take care of him. Their son moved back with his family to help.

The Jackson’s sued Dr. Goldman, Dr. Vincent Nicholais, who was the head of the intensive care unit, and The Medical Center. During the course of the 10 year ordeal, The Medical Center settled with the Jacksons. Then last week, a jury in the Muscogee County Superior Court found Dr. Nicholais not liable, but awarded the Jacksons $6.7 million from Dr. Goldman. $5.2 million was earmarked for Mr. Jackson and the other $1.5 million for his wife.

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