Atlanta Birth Injuries Can Result in Large Malpractice Damages Under Georgia Law

The birth of a child should be a joyous occasion that marks a wonderful new beginning for a new family. Unfortunately, a birth can quickly turn to a terrible tragedy for a family if there are complications during the process of labor and delivery. Both mother and baby are at significant risk when a medical provider fails to live up to his basic obligations of providing professional care. baby 1

When either mother or baby is harmed during labor and delivery, an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer should be consulted for help. Damages in birth injury cases are often very significant because the injuries are often serious and because both a mother and baby are young and have many years of life left to incur medical costs and experience pain when something goes wrong.

Birth Injury Cases Often Result in Large Malpractice Damages recently reported on one sad malpractice case in which a woman suffered a massive stroke shortly after giving birth. The woman was unable to hold her daughter for around a year after the birth due to the damage the stroke caused.

The young mother was in a medically-induced coma for two months following her stroke and even today she remains paralyzed on her right side. She requires twice-daily visits from caregivers, and had to undergo intensive physical and speech therapy in order to regain any of the basic functions that she can now do like speaking and caring for herself.

The stroke occurred because she was suffering from a brain injury. The brain injury had been diagnosed shortly after she ran the Boston Marathon in 2004 when she began experiencing dizzy spells.  A CAT scan and MRI diagnosed her condition and she should have been placed on a list of people with serious medical problems.  She was never placed on this list, which was standard protocol, and her obstetrician was not aware of the serious medical problems she faced.

As a result, the obstetrician delivered the patient’s daughter naturally instead of scheduling a cesarean section which the patient should have had. If the patient had undergone a c-section, the stroke would not have occurred and she would not have experienced her life-changing impairments.

The jury determined that the plaintiff had proved her medical malpractice birth injury case and was entitled to compensation or her losses. She was awarded $35.4 million in damages. The damages were, in part, intended to cover the costs of medical expenses which currently exceed $200,000 each year.

The case is not an unusual one, as many people who are harmed while having babies face permanent impairment that prevents work and that necessitates costly ongoing care for the rest of a patient’s life.  Victims need to ensure they understand the full extent of their losses and should get help from a caring and experienced attorney in trying to obtain full compensation for the tremendous damage they face.

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