Is an Atlanta Store Responsible if You Suffer an Injury in a Robbery?

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, a robbery occurred recently and a Georgia lawmaker was caught up in the violent theft which the robber was committed. The state representative was traveling home to South Georgia after leaving the capital where he attended a session of the General Assembly. He stopped to get gas when the robbery happened, and he was shot by the robber.  The circumstances surrounding the shooting and robbery incident are not yet clear, and the incident is under investigation. atlanta negligent security

This robbery was more newsworthy than many because it involved a lawmaker getting shot. Unfortunately, however, this is not an isolated incident or an out-of-the-ordinary situation. Robberies happen, just as other violent crimes do. When a robbery happens, if you get hurt during it, you need to understand what your rights are for recovering compensation for injuries.  An Atlanta premises liability lawyer can provide assistance in understanding what your rights are after a robbery happens. 

Is an Atlanta Store Responsible for Injuries in a Robbery?

Many robberies happen in gas stations, like the one the lawmaker was visiting to gas up his car, or happen in other retail establishments. When a robbery occurs,  innocent bystanders who happen to be in the crosshairs could end up being hurt or even killed. Some, like the state representative, could be shot. Others could be physically injured in other ways, such as by stabbing or hitting.  Whatever the specific source of the violence, a victim of the robbery may need costly medical care to get better. The victim could also experience long-term losses, such as not being able to work for an extended time.

The financial and emotional cost to the victim can be substantial if a person is caught up in a robbery and injured.  If this occurs, the victim may wish to pursue a civil case to try to get compensation for loss. A civil case could give the victim a chance to get paid for past medical bills, for costs of future care, for loss of wages and ongoing earning power, and for emotional and physical distress. The problem is, however, the victim of the robbery needs to understand who to make a claim against and how.

Suing the robber is often a futile and fruitless gesture because the robber typically does not have money to pay for damages or losses.  However, if the robbery happened at a store, it is possible that the store owners and/or operators could be held liable for injuries the robber caused to occur.

A store has an obligation to keep patrons safe, and is legally liable for losses and damages if it failed to fulfill this duty. Part of the store’s obligations involve protecting patrons from violent acts, such as a robbery with a gun or other weapon. A store isn’t always going to be held liable for a robbery, but will if it is found to have been negligent in a way that led to the robbery occurring.  A victim who wishes to pursue a claim against a store will need to show the store failed to fulfill its security duty, thus causing the violence to occur.

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