Basketball Player Sued for Wrongful Death

Our Atlanta wrongful death attorneys saw a news story about a wrongful death lawsuit against NBA Los Angeles Lakers and Georgia Tech basketball star, Javaris Crittenton. This civil lawsuit was filed by June Woods, the mother of Julian Jones, who Crittenton allegedly killed in August 2011. Crittenton is currently in the Fulton County jail after being arrested last week for drug charges while he was out on bond, after being arrested for Ms. Jones’s murder.


Julian Jones was killed by a high-caliber rifle in southeast Atlanta on the night of August 19th, 2011. Police accused Crittenton, and he was charged with murder, aggravated assault, and criminal gang activity in connection with Ms. Jones death. The prosecutors contend that Crittenton was trying to retaliate against a rival gang member when he shot Ms. Jones, claiming the gang member had previously robbed him. Crittenton was released on a $230,000 bond in September 2011, but then had a curfew imposed on him in October after accusations he tried to intimidate a Fulton County prosecutor. Earlier this month he was indicted with several other co-defendants for drug charges, and then was arrested in Fayette County last Wednesday for drug offenses again. Crittenton maintains he’s not guilty and that the case will go to trial, not “mob justice.”

Julian Jones was the mother of four, and Ms. Wood said she was filing the civil lawsuit to try to get compensation to help Ms. Jones’s young children. Her attorney asked the court to freeze Crittenton’s assets. This is after allegations that Crittenton transferred two homes, one in Fulton County and one in Fayette County, to his mother to avoid them being claimed in a civil court case. Ms. Woods will ask the court transfer those properties back to Crittenton. She is also trying to get the files from the prosecutor’s office on the criminal trial for her daughter’s death, and the civil suit will continue pending the murder trial.

This case is a good example of how civil and criminal cases can go hand in hand over the same act. A criminal trial has a higher burden of proof, which means the evidence must be beyond a reasonable doubt to convict someone of a crime. But civil cases have a lower burden. And they can also benefit families who are struggling financially, often directly due to the loss of the loved one.

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