Be Careful Driving this Holiday Weekend!

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys know that this the busiest travel weekend of the year in the U.S. This makes it even more important to drive carefully and vigilantly as you are going to and coming home from your Thanksgiving weekend plans. Even if you are staying close to home this weekend, the intense rush of Black Friday shoppers and other drivers getting to and from destinations can pose extra risk.

On Tuesday the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety launched “Operation: Safe Holidays” to kick off the holiday season across the state, trying to stem the increasing number of road accidents this year and emphasie safe travel. This year, 2012, is set to become the first year in five years where the number of road accidents in Georgia will increase, rather than decrease. That is why the state is focusing on a 41-day awareness campaign aimed at reducing the car crash rate through the end of the year.

One person at the launch came with a very personal message for Georgians about road safety. Alex Sorohan talked about her older brother Caleb, who was killed in an accident in December 2009. Caleb was sending a text message while driving when he distractedly swerved into another lane where a car hit him head on, killing him instantly. Alex’s family lobbied the Georgia government and got legislation enacted in 2010 that bans texting while driving. The law is called Caleb’s Law. It bans writing, sending, and receiving text messages, and also includes doing these things while stopped at stop signs and red lights. Officials also note that you cannot program your GPS while you are driving either.

Ms. Sorohan said, “Every Christmas, I think this Christmas, this Thanksgiving, it will be easier, but then I get to that day, and I look around and I experience the day, and I think of all the times Caleb would be here smiling, and he’d be laughing, or he’d be saying something hilarious, but he’s not there to do it.” She expressed so well the need for careful and responsible driving from the personal tragedy in her family, saying “Think about anyone in your family that you love and picture them when you make those [driving] decisions because they’re the ones that are going to be affected by it too.”

Officers say there will be checkpoints throughout the holiday season, and not just watching for texting, but also for people not wearing seat-belts and for drunk driving. The officers also reminded Georgians not to rush to get to holiday destinations, because speeding is not worth it if you end up in an accident.

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All our attorneys and staff wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


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