Can You Prevent Injuries in an Atlanta Slip and Fall?

Slip and falls can happen anywhere. From a broken railing or damaged step at a friend’s house to a slippery floor in a public restroom or store, there are a great many conditions that can cause you to take a tumble. If you do fall down, you could sustain serious injuries including damage to the spine or traumatic brain injury. danger-slippery-surface-1499107

Property owners are responsible for making sure they do not create conditions that exacerbate the risk of a fall or that cause a fall to occur. If you are hurt on someone’s property (whether it is a friend’s home or a store or other public or private place), you need to know what your rights are. A personal injury lawyer in Atlanta can help you to understand how to pursue a case for compensation after a fall so you can recover monetary damages for your losses.

Is it Possible to Prevent Fall Injuries?

The only way to prevent an injury in a fall is to prevent the fall from happening in the first place. reported the majority of people think they will be able to catch themselves in a fall. This misconception may come from movies where people are able to stop themselves from tumbling even off of ladders and high buildings.

The reality is, whether you fall from a ladder or trip over debris in a store aisle or stumble on a broken tile, you usually are not going to be able to stop yourself from falling and you are not going to be able to do much to protect yourself on the way down. The average person’s reaction time is half of a second, in by the time that half-second passes, a person can fall four feet.

As you start to fall, gravity pulls you down and the speed at which you tumble to the ground increases quickly. The result is once you start falling, your impact force increases and you will be able to stop only when you strike a lower surface. This lower surface is the ground or an object below you, which is often hard and which often causes you to be badly hurt. A person who weighs around 200 pounds and who falls six feet will hit the ground with around 10,000 pounds of force, so it is easy to see why serious injuries happen in a fall.

Although there is little you can do to stop yourself from falling, WikiHow still has some basic tips you could try to employ if you are able to react fast enough. For example, while your instinct may be to try to catch yourself, you should instead relax your body and let yourself go to the ground as gently as possible.

You should also avoid sticking your hands out when you are falling because your hands do not have the strength to hold up the body. If you land with your hands facing out, you are likely to do serious damage to your fingers, wrist, arms and shoulders.

These tips could perhaps help to mitigate some of the most serious injuries, but most people simply do not react quickly enough to follow them. Instead, it is best to prevent the fall in the first place- and property owners can do this by making sure their land and buildings are safe.

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