Car Hits Ambulance While Fleeing Police

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys know that one of the worst things about reckless and negligent driving is that the driver is not only hurting, or even killing, him or herself, but also endangering the lives of innocent people who must share the road with them.

A terrible example of this occured in Glynn County this week, according to news reports. A Glynn County cop, Carl Evans, saw a car just west of I-95 in Brunswick. The car matched descriptions of one seen in the area around the time of recent auto burglaries and the driving was suspicious. Officer Evans shone a light into the car and the driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel. The flashlight woke her, and she pulled onto Perry Lane Road. The officer suspected criminal activity, however, and followed the Toyota Corolla, driven by 29-year-old Candice Lynn Smith, after it turned onto Spur 25. Officer Evans turned on his emergency lights and siren to pull her over, but Ms. Smith sped up to almost 100 miles per hour.

The police chase of Ms. Smith’s Corolla continued for four miles, passing two other cars without incident. As she approached the intersection at Cypress Mill the light was red, but turned to green just before her car reached it. An ambulance, with no lights on, was stopped at the light and just starting to move forward in the right lane. Ms. Smith didn’t brake and slammed into the right rear of the ambulance at about 12:58am early Tuesday morning. Glynn County Police Chief, Matt Doering, said that the left lane was empty at the time, and Ms. Smith could have easily passed the ambulance, but did not. He said, “She just ran into it, just nailed it. It was a very intense crash.” The video of the crash seemed to show that Ms. Smith considered passing but was indecisive in the crucial final moment. Police discovered two open bottles of alcohol in the car, a partially smoked marijuana joint, and prescription pills, which may explain the erratic behavior and the chase.

Ms. Smith died in the accident, as did her two passengers, 33-year-old Corey Lee Lemon and 33-year-old Cedric S. Daniels. All three were from Brunswick and none were wearing seat belts at the time of the accident. Fortunately, only one person was injured in the ambulance, a patient who was being transferred to Focus by the Sea on St. Simons Island. The unidentified patient’s injuries were not serious. The ambulance belongs to Southside Community Fire Protection, Inc. of Savannah and was driven by 33-year-old Ryan Philip McVey.

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