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When you sustain injuries as a result of an accident that someone causes as a result of negligence or as a result of wrongdoing, you are entitled to receive full and fair compensation for all of the harm that you experienced. In many cases, victims who sustain injuries were in good health before the accident and it is easy to show that the accident was the reason why the victim is now hurt. Sometimes, however, the victim will have already had an injury. When an accident affects a person with a pre-existing injury, the case becomes more complicated. Atlanta personal injury lawyer

Victims with pre-existing conditions are still entitled to compensation but must prove the extent of the damage that the accident caused.

An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can provide assistance in situations where someone who was already hurt gets more severely hurt as a direct result of an auto accident, a fall, or any injury that happens due to negligence.

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Many consumers throughout Georgia purchase used vehicles when it comes time to buy a car. Purchasing a used vehicle can be a smart financial choice because you do not have to pay a new car premium and used cars often allow you to get far more bang for your buck.  However, when you are buying a used car, you need to be very careful to avoid potential pitfalls that could affect your safety. Just recently, the Huffington Post published an article warning about some of the dangers of used cars and alerting motorists to the fact that they could be at increased risk of accident from certain used vehicles. Atlanta car accident

Whether you buy a new or used car, it is important to understand what your rights are if a problem with a vehicle causes an accident to happen. Collision victims should be entitled to compensation from a car manufacturer if a defect in the vehicle is the direct cause of a collision or if a defect in a vehicle makes the injuries which are sustained in a  collision more serious than they would have been had the car performed as expected. An Atlanta personal injury attorney can provide assistance in pursuing a defective products case if there was a problem with a new or used vehicle.

Risks of Atlanta Accidents from Used Cars

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that occurs in motor vehicle accidents, and especially rear-end crashes. Many victims of whiplash accidents face difficulty recovering the compensation that they need and deserve because there are no conclusive medical tests that can show the extent of injuries caused by whiplash. An Atlanta rear end accident lawyer can provide help to clients who have been victims of a crash that caused whiplash. Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. will fight to help you show that you were badly hurt by the accident and that the whiplash is affecting your life. medical-709366-m

Although you can successfully make a whiplash claim, having a test to identify whiplash would go a long way towards making these types of cases easier. Fortunately, Physical Therapy Products reports that researchers have identified a new approach to identifying which whiplash sufferers will develop disability, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If this new approach becomes standard, car accident victims should have a much easier time showing insurance companies and juries that they are entitled to extensive damages after a crash that causes whiplash. Continue Reading

Motor vehicle defects have been a big problem over the past few years, with GM recalling more vehicles in 2014 than it sold in five years and Takata recalling more than 17 million vehicles because of air bag problems that could kill or injure occupants. One disturbing trend that has been present in many of the recall situations is that there is often evidence to suggest that the product manufacturer knew of problems well before the defects were announced to the public. These vehicle defects have caused deaths, but manufacturers kept quiet and didn’t alert the public for years. us-currency-4-1007270-m

One way to potentially solve this issue is to create greater rewards for people working at auto parts manufacturers and car companies if they come forward and report wrongdoing. To that end, the federal government is moving forward on putting whistleblower incentives into place. Whistleblower incentives  have been tremendously effective at getting employees to come forward and report when the government is being defrauded of money. Hopefully, incentives to auto workers could have a similar effect at getting workers to come forward and reveal public safety issues. Continue Reading

Young children are always at the greatest risk of being involved in a pedestrian collision. This risk is unfortunately more than doubled on Halloween night. Parents and kids need to be aware of the dangers of trick-or-treating and take steps to avoid incidents. If a child is harmed by a dangerous driver who fails to be reasonably careful on Halloween, an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer should be consulted for help. two-pumpkins-1438562-m

Preventing Halloween Pedestrian Accidents

When kids go out trick-or-treating, they tend to be on the roads as it is getting dark. Young children may also run into the middle of the road, dash into the street from between parked cars, or cross roads without looking. All of this creates a tremendous risk of motor vehicle collisions.

With the new year 2014 arriving, one Georgia lawmaker will introduce a bill with tougher sentences for those convicted of driving under the influence, or DUI. Our Georgia wrongful death attorneys read a news story about this proposed law by Representative Earnest Smith and the story behind it.


The bill, which will be introduced in the State Legislature in January, will give judges the option of ordering up to five days in jail for first time DUI offenders. At present, there is only a 48-hour mandatory sentence for first time DUI offenders. The bill is in honor of former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue’s intern, Jordan Griner, whose death Rep. Smith called “truly tragic”. Jordan was from Augusta, Georgia, the same area as Rep. Smith. Jordan was killed by a drunk driver on June 19, 2010 when he was 24 years old. He was the designated driver for friends after a party and was almost home at around 4 o’clock in the morning. The drunk driver was 26-year-old Christa Scott. She was driving her Mustang home from working as a bartender at Door 44, a club in Atlanta, and had a blood alcohol level of 0.229, nearly triple the legal limit to drive, when she ran a red light and hit Jordan’s car. Ms. Scott was later convicted of a DUI and wrongful death. She got a 10-year sentence, five years in prison and another five on probation.

Ms. Scott apologized to the family, but they felt she should have thought of her actions before getting in her car to drive under the influence. Jordan’s mother, Autumn Griner, asked the judge in the case to make Ms. Scott have a reminder of Jordan, and the judge complied, ordering Ms. Scott to carry Jordan’s picture with her during the 10-year sentence. The district attorney from Fulton County, Clint Rucker, said of the family, “they felt like having his photo, even as she is in prison, would be a source of a constant reminder for her of how the consequences of drinking and driving had affected an exemplary young man.”

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident lawyers saw a tragic news story about the death of a pedestrian after being hit by a tractor trailer on I-75 in Henry County. Pedestrian car crashes are a significant problem. Across the United States 4,280 pedestrians were killed in vehicle accidents in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The same year more than 70,000 pedestrians were injured. Pedestrians are actually 1.5 times more likely to be killed in a vehicle accident than people in the vehicle on each trip. These numbers mean that a pedestrian is injured in a vehicle crash once every eight minutes and a pedestrian is fatally injured once every two hours.

This was the case for a Georgia man this week. Alan Bryan Fletcher pulled over to the shoulder at mile marker 211 on the southbound side near Locust Grove Road, although police are not sure if it was due to a mechanical issue with his car or if he just stopped. He walked around to the front of his car and went into the road. Mr. Fletcher, a 52 year old from Locust Grove, was then hit by a passing tractor trailer and was pronounced dead on the scene just before noon on October 7, according to Henry County Police Lt. Philip Bratton. The tractor trailer driver stopped after the accident, but his name was not released. The accident stopped traffic on the southbound lanes for an hour while on-site investigations were conducted as to what exactly happened to Mr. Fletcher. The investigation into the accident is on-going.


This has been a bad week for vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents in the Atlanta area. Mr. Fletcher was the second pedestrian just on that Monday, October 7, who was hit by a vehicle in the Atlanta area. An unidentified woman was standing on I-75/85 near Fulton Street when she was hit by a Kia Optima. This occurred around 10:30 am. She was standing in the second lane to the right on the Downtown Connector and several cars swerved to miss her before she was hit by the Kia. Investigators were not sure why she was in the road, but she was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital while still unconscious to treat her injuries.

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys saw more news this week about how destructive truck accidents can be.

On Monday this week, three people were injured in an accident with a tractor trailer in Moultrie, although none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening. One person was airlifted to Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, while another was taken by ambulance. The third injury was very minor and the individual was taken to Colquett Regional Medical Center in Moultrie. The accident involved three large trucks that collided at an intersection – the three consisted of a Mayfield milk truck, a fertilizer truck, and a Swift tractor trailer. A spokesman for the Moultrie Fire Department, Lieutenant Justin Cox, said the accident happened around 4pm at the intersection of US 319 and Ga. 133 north. The wreck was so bad, that in addition to the injuries, that three fire department units, including a hazardous materials team, had to be sent to try to contain the 500 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled from the accident. Fortunately the fertilizer truck was found to be empty, as spilled fertilizer material could have been an even more pressing and potentially damaging problem.

Another accident happened earlier this month in Carroll Country that also sparked fears because of a fuel spill. Two semi-trucks crashed on Interstate 20- one truck rear ended the other, and ended up catching on fire. One semi-truck overturned and emergency crews had to deal with the spilling oil and diesel fuel. One of the tractor trailer drivers was also injured in this accident and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Atlanta due to serious injuries. And a logging truck also overturned at the end of July on Ga. 400 north. The load of logs spilled onto the roadway and, like in the other cases, so did diesel fuel and hydraulic fuel, causing a need for the hazardous materials unit to help clean up after the accident.

Our Atlanta tractor trailer lawyers know that tractor trailer accidents can be dangerous or fatal. Just this morning, at around 9:45am according to reports, a woman was injured in a crash between her Nissan Altima and a tractor trailer. The injured woman is 54 year old Jacqueline Ray and the accident happened on Kingston Highway near Rome. The Altima’s front left side collided with the tractor trailer as it went north on the bypass. Rome-Floyd County firefighters had to cut her out of her car after the accident. Her injuries are unknown and her passenger suffered only small cuts and scrapes. The accident is still being investigated.

The accident this morning seems to be relatively minor so far, and with no fatalities. But that is lucky. In a nearby area just last week, another accident between a car and a tractor trailer occurred and over the weekend one victim died of her injuries from the crash. That accident happened on July 14 at the intersection of US 27 and Ga. 140 when the victim, Barbara Fowler, turned right in her Mercury Grand Marquis. The light was green, and the tractor trailer driver thought she was going to head straight through the intersection, so he proceeded to turn left, causing the crash. Fowler was conscious when pulled from her vehicle and taken to Floyd Medical Center, but died in the hospital of injuries several days later. The driver of that tractor trailer, Jackie Johnson, a 55 year old from South Carolina, will now face second degree vehicular homicide for the accident, according to Sgt. Scott Thompson, who is contacting the company Johnson works for as a truck driver. The Georgia State Patrol are trying to determine where Johnson is so they can charge him for the crime.


Also last week, on Tuesday, a tractor trailer sped across Highway 11 near the Highway 78 exit in Monroe and slammed into an abandoned gas station. The accident demolished the old gas station and city utility workers had to come and clear the scene. Fortunately no one was injured in that accident.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys wish less families in our state had to deal with the difficulties of recovering from vehicle accidents, and especially from the death of a loved one. Nothing can lessen the sorrow of losing someone before his or her time.

These accidents often involve civil lawsuits, and at times there can even be a criminal case over the car accident.

For example, one news story this week offers an example of the criminal aspect to these tragedies and the stress it places on involved families. Last September, retired Army Ranger Sidney Paul Agent Jr, or “Sid”, was on his motorcycle when he was hit by a SUV driven by Jimmy Darrell Barnett Jr. in an instance of distracted driving. Barnett was charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and failure to yield, which carries a maximum sentence of 24 months in prison. In court this week in Forsyth County Barnett pleaded guilty with a deal for 12 months probation, a $1000 fine, suspension of his driver’s license, community service at a Ranger camp, and also a contribution to Sid Agent’s daughter’s college fund.