Dog Attack Kills 4-Year-Old Georgia Boy

While dogs often make great pets, they are also animals, making them dangerous under certain circumstances. Dog attacks are not to be taken lightly. Attacks can be fatal, especially to the most vulnerable of people, such as small children. beware.jpeg

This was proven again when a dog attack killed a 4-year-old boy last month in Georgia, showing the need for caution with dangerous dogs. Brayton Roland Cason, a little boy from Seminole County, went missing in the beginning of September. Georgia police received a 911 call from his home on Acorn Drive in Donalsonville, near Seminole State Park, around 9pm on September 5, reporting him missing. “By that time it was already dark and the grass was high. It took awhile for somebody to come walking upon him and actually see him in the yard,” said Steve Turner, the special agent in charge of the Thomasville, Georgia area. Searchers found the little boy dead in tall grass in his front yard at around 11:30pm, his body badly bruised, according to news reports. The boy’s mother was home when they found his body.

At first, investigators thought it was homicide. However, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) quickly determined that Brayton died of blunt force trauma due to an attack by at least one dog. Mr. Turner stated that the cause of death was determined by “the results of the autopsy, as well as what was witnessed at the scene.” The police believe the incident occurred several hours before finding his body, at around 8pm that evening. The family owned dogs, but the police stated they had no evidence that any of the family dogs were involved in the attack on Brayton.

Police say there were no witnesses to the attack, so they are not sure which dog killed Brayton. They believe it is a bulldog mix with a yellowish red coat. Seminole County Sheriff, Heath Elliot, said they think the dog possibly belonged to one of the family’s neighbors, who moved away and abandoned the dog. The Sheriff said he’d dealt with dog complaints before, but never one as vicious as this one. His message to dog owners is, “They need to keep their dogs in a fenced-in yard, in a kennel, or one of the exercise cables.” If and when they find the dog, investigators will meet with the district attorney to determine if charges should be filed against the owner.

Brayton’s aunt, Tabitha Smith, told news reporters that he wandered outside during the ten minutes his mother was in the shower. She pleaded with the owners of vicious dogs to be responsible and keep the dogs away from other people so such tragedies do not happen to other families.

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