Drugs involved in Gwinnett car crash

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys have worked with many injured vehicle crash victims. More often than not, the negligent and reckless driver who caused their injuries was impaired in some way – alcohol, drugs, sleep deprivation… This kind of impaired driving presents a serious risk to all of us, because the driver’s dangerous choices affect not only themselves but potentially every other car they encounter.

This week, there was a wrong-way crash on Ga. 316 in Gwinnett County that police suspect involved a powerful sedative. Beverly Lynne Wilkins, 37-years-old and from Dacula, was driving a 2007 Saturn Vue in the wrong direction on the road for three miles last Friday night. This prompted frantic 911 calls from ten other drivers who witnessed this dangerous situation before the accident occurred. At approximately 10:30pm, Ms. Wilkins crashed into another car, a 2012 Honda Civic containing five people. She remains hospitalized, as does the 20-year-old driver of the Civic and an 18-year-old passenger of that car. All three are listed in critical condition. The other three passengers from the Civic also sustained serious injuries.

The police say Ms. Wilkins injected herself with two vials of the powerful sedative Propofol, infamous for its role in Michael Jackson’s 2009 death, just before the accident occurred. Police found an IV bag and a needle in the front seat of Ms. Wilkins wrecked SUV and discovered Propofol in her purse. Ms. Wilkins works for Gwinnett Anesthesia Services, which is used at the Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville. Police suspect she stole the Propofol vials from the hospital, but the Medical Center said they had no prior knowledge of the stolen Propofol and an internal investigation is now underway. Thus far, the investigation has uncovered that Ms. Wilkins stole 12 vials of Propofol from Gwinnett Medical Center. An arrest warrant has been issued, citing reckless driving, driving on the wrong side of the road, and serious injury by a motor vehicle.

Wrong-way crashes seem like a nightmare scenario, but there have actually been three other wrong-way crashes in the Atlanta area in the past two weeks alone. Two pick-up trucks crashed head-on in the northbound lanes of I-85 in South Fulton County. The driver who caused that crash was killed, as was a passenger in the other vehicle. A 22-year-old was killed when she was driving on the wrong side of the road on Ga. 400 in Sandy Springs, and the other driver suffered broken bones. Additionally, two more people were killed on Ga. 400 – both the driver at fault and the driver of the other vehicle.

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