Elderly Man Attacked by Dogs

Our Atlanta dog bite attorneys read a news story about a 70-year-old Georgia man who was attacked by two dogs last week.

William Mote was walking down Greenwood Road, like many of his neighbours do, to get exercise. Mr. Mote took this walk regularly, walking to the church at the end of the street, going around the church using the parking lot, and walking back. Sometimes Mr. Mote was accompanied by his young great-grandson, who is 8 years old, and was walking with Mr. Mote just the day before the tragic attack.


On the day of the attack, Friday January 3rd in the afternoon, Mr. Mote was walking towards the church with his back to a car lot where the dogs were kept. Two mixed breed pit bulls, one brown and one white, owned by employees at the Anchor Auto Sales nearby, got loose. The white dog bit Mr. Mote’s hand and arm and the brown one, which was the smaller of the two, attacked Mr. Mote’s leg. Erica Tarpley, his granddaughter, said the only reason he survived the attack is his neighbour, Marissa Bruce, saw the attack from her car as she was driving down Greenwood Road. She honked and opened the door for Mr. Mote to climb in. Mr. Mote managed to kick the dogs off and get into her car, but he suffered horrible injuries to his hands, arms and legs. He had to receive medical care and is still recovering.

When police deputies responded, even they felt afraid and threatened by the two dogs. Chief Deputy Barbara Burnette of the Jones County Sheriff’s Office told reporters, “The deputies tried to scream, yell, everything to try to get them back in the fence. That wasn’t happening. The dogs actually ran after the deputies and tried to attack and had him hemmed up against his car.” It became so dangerous one of the deputies shot and killed one of the dogs. The other dog is at Jones County Animal Control. However, the owners of the pit bull mixes claim neither dog has done anything like this before. Chief Deputy Burnette noted that pet owners need to be responsible and “on top of” their pets, whether or not they think the animal is aggressive or not because animals could attack at any time.

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