Fatal Georgia Scooter Accident Result of Running a Red Light

Our Alpharetta motorcycle accident attorneys understand that with summer here, there are more motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles out on Georgia’s roads. With this comes a need for increased vigilance with these more vulnerable forms of transportation. An accident between a car or truck and a motorcycle, scooter, or bike is much more likely to be fatal to the latter party. scooter (fomu).jpg
This was bore out again this week when a 72 year old Norcross, Georgia, man was killed in an accident. On Saturday, James Scarbrough was driving his scooter. He was at the intersection of Beaver Ruin Road and Indian Trail Road, waiting for a green light to turn onto Beaver Ruin Road. When the light changed, just as he was pulling out a car ran through the red light and hit his scooter in the intersection. Mr. Scarbrough died at the scene. Norcross Police spokesman Capt. Brian Harr said charges are pending against the car’s driver, Lorena Cortez-Nova. The 46-year-old Ms. Cortez-Nova was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center in Duluth to be treated and has been released. Mr. Scarbrough was a resident of Norcross for 45 years and was active in the community, including being very involved with Sustainable Norcross, an initiative to make his city more environmentally friendly. He was also a military veteran and was on the city’s Planning and Zoning Appeals Board.
Aside from being more careful around motorcycles, scooters, and bikes, especially in the summer months, Mr. Scarbrough was the victim of another dangerous but common driving habit- running red lights. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA), in 2008 there were 2.3 million intersection crashes which resulted in 7,770 deaths and more than 700,000 injuries. The Federal Highway Administration cites NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System saying that running red lights alone caused 762 deaths and injured approximately 165,000 people in the US in 2008. FHA also cites that one in three people personally know someone injured or killed in a red light running incident- a shockingly high and unacceptable number. The organization also states that 97 percent of those surveyed feel that other drivers running red lights are a major safety threat. And yet, so many people still engage in this incredibly risky behavior. Who of us has not seen a light turn yellow and we are in a rush and try to fly through before the light is red? This kind of behavior is so common, but it is also dangerous and there needs to be more awareness about this problem.
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