Georgia School Bus Pile-Up

Over the weekend, our Atlanta automobile accident lawyers were concerned, like most Georgians, to see news of a six school bus pile-up right in our region near Atlanta. The accident was so big it attracted national media attention, although thankfully there are no fatalities and seemingly only one serious injury.

On Saturday, a large group of school children, as many as 200, from Burke County Middle School in Waynesboro, near the border with South Carolina, were headed to a field trip at Six Flags just west of Atlanta. On Saturday morning, the accident occurred on 1-20 in Newton County near a construction zone. At mile marker 98 the traffic began to slow due to a lane closure up ahead. As the buses slowed, one bus hit the back of another bus setting off a chain reaction all the way down the line that ended with a passenger car hitting the last of the six buses involved.

A sixth grade student on the third bus told a reporter, “The right lane was closed and then a car, one of the buses slammed on the brakes and went over. We tried to dodge away from them and we couldn’t.” Another student said, “One bus swerved to the right. Another bus swerved to the left. One bus slammed its breaks and our bus hit the brakes and a lot of people got hurt.” A witness nearby said they heard a loud crash, “The first thing that came to mind was an 18 wheeler hitting some of the trucks.”

Reports stated that between 50 and 65 people were injured and checked into area hospitals. They were released later that day as the injuries were minor. Most of the students only had scrapes and bruises, though. A spokesperson for the Burke County school district, Ann Nunnally, said “Nothing bad happened to any of our children.” Morgan County sent several buses to get the uninjured children home after their scary ordeal ruined what was supposed to be a fun filled day at an amusement park. Some students expressed fear at riding buses again after this experience.

One bus driver, 44 year old Angela Anthony of Midville, was seriously injured and had to be cut from the bus by emergency personnel. She was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital but she was conscious during the rescue. As of Sunday, she remained hospitalized and in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries, according to doctors.

CNN has reported that the crash is under investigation. Georgia State Patrol spokesman Gordy Wright stated that charges are pending related to the bus crash.

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