Lawyer in Trouble Over Medical Malpractice Case

Our Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys know that an experienced and committed attorney is invaluable for any case. And when an attorney does not do his or her job, it jeopardizes a client’s case and also the achievement of justice. A medical malpractice case involving a Georgia lawyer who mishandled the case was in the news recently.


Mike Berlon surrendered his legal license to the Supreme Court of Georgia. He is a former chairman of the Democratic Party in Georgia, a position he held until summer of 2013, and practiced law in Gwinnett County. He received a reprimand last summer from the Supreme Court and was pressured to resign as Democratic Party chairman by Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed. The medical malpractice case that is at issue began in June 2010. Mr. Berlon was concerned about the expiration of the statute of limitations in that case, but did not inform his client. In an opinion on the issue from the Supreme Court, the Court said he told his client that he “believed there was sufficient time in which to file an action and falsely led her to believe that he was actively working on the case by sending a demand letter, contacting expert witnesses, and preparing to file an action.” In reality, Mr. Berlon never filed any action on behalf of the client and continued to give her bad advice through the beginning of 2012. Not only was the case handled so badly, but the Supreme Court also found that Mr. Berlon’s responses to the complaint about the case with the Georgia State Bar also contained “factual misrepresentations.”

It is also not the only incident of misconduct by Mr. Berlon. He also reached a settlement with two other former clients in an unrelated case to reimburse them for over $1 million. That money was to establish an estate trust, but Mr. Berlon allegedly used the money for personal things. However, as of April 2014, that money was still not returned to the clients. When asked about it, he said, “There’s a lot more to it. I’m confident that once we get through the entire process that this is all going to work out.”

Mr. Berlon told reporters that surrendering his legal license over the medical malpractice case was “the right thing to do.” About this issue, he said, “There’s really no other side of the story to tell. My office was hired to handle a malpractice case for somebody and basically we didn’t get it right. I’m ultimately responsible for that. We just missed it. There were some errors that were made.” He continues to believe he will be readmitted as an attorney in Georgia in the future and he has received other offers for “a lot of different things.”

Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligent medical professional, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. This case shows clearly how important it is to have a good lawyer on your side when dealing with a medical malpractice case, or any case. To discuss any steps to move forward with legal options for the abusive situation, contact the Law Office of Sammons & Carpenter as soon as possible at 404-814-8948, or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form for a free consultation today.

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