Nursing Home Worker Accused of Elder Abuse

Our Atlanta elder abuse attorneys read an article about an employee of a nursing home in Thomasville being accused of elder abuse. That employee is Shauntavia Bates, a 25-year-old who worked at Southern Pines Senior Living. On May 16, police allege that Ms. Bates hit an elderly 81-year-old woman and sprayed her with water as she called for help. Another employee heard her cries and went to investigate. The other employee said she saw the elderly woman standing in the shower and Ms. Bates was forcing water into her mouth. The woman could not speak at that point because her mouth was too full of liquid. The other employee also saw Ms. Bates hit the woman with the back of her hand on her neck.

Another woman, Ms. Bates’ supervisor Stacey Sams, was allegedly told about the abuse and did not report it. Ms. Sams has now also been charged for failure to report abuse of a disabled or elderly person, which is a misdemeanour crime.
The police were only notified of this incident in June. Ms. Bates was arrested in June, one day after the incident was reported. Ms. Sams turned herself in a few days after Ms. Bates’ arrest. Thomasville Police Department spokesperson Lieutenant Eric Hampton said, “Disturbing when you hear these kind of things happen. We take it very seriously when it’s reported to us and so we do take immediate action.” He further said, “The reason Ms. Sams was charged in the case is because she failed to report it after the witness had reported it to her.” Southern Pines Senior Living said they brought the incident to the police when they learned of it and are cooperating in the investigation.
Ms. Bates denies the whole incident and says she is innocent. She told reporters, “It breaks my heart because I have three kids, two step kids. I am a wife, my heart goes out to the elderly.” Of the incident, she said, “I washed her hair, gave her a shower, the same way that I would do if 1,000 people we’re watching.” She also said, “The detective asked what would I do different, I’d still go in and give a shower the same exact way, I wouldn’t change anything at all.” Ms. Bates insists she would never harm anyone, that she worked at Southern Pines because she wanted to help people, and that she is looking forward to clearing her name.
Ms. Bates was released from jail on a $5,100 bond and the Thomasville Police Department is still trying to determine why this alleged abusive incident may have happened.

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