Paine College Lawsuit for Negligent Security

Our Atlanta negligent security lawyers read about a tragic incident that happened at Paine College and is now the subject of a negligent security lawsuit by the victim.

Four months ago, a 22 year old student of the private college was attacked and raped. She was living at Graham Hall, an all female building, when she was attacked in the bathroom on March 7. Police arrested 19 year old Jarius Dantzler and charged him with rape, and also attempted rape, armed robbery, and burglary. Apparently Dantzler is the same man who attempted to rape another female student in the same building in November 2012. During the November incident, Dantzler crawled into the student’s bed with his pants down, but fled when she fought back. Dantzler is also accused of an incident in February unrelated to Paine College where he broke into a home and got into bed with a woman and her child, beating the woman in front of the child and stealing her purse as he left. Dantzler has pled not guilty in his criminal trial.

Fellow student James Powell told reporters that students were outraged over the rape and attempted rape, and can’t believe that it happened. Students talked to by reporters say that they don’t believe much has changed on campus in the last four months and that many are still worried that a non-student can get into dorms and commit a crime like this again. The college has tried to beef up security recently, though, although much too late for the two victims of these crimes. They have added security cameras and more patrols and have tried to stop males from going into female dorms and vice versa.


The victim filed a lawsuit this month against Paine College for negligence in the Richmond County State Court, using the name “Jane Doe” for the victim to protect her identity. It asks for unspecified compensatory and punitive damages from the incident. The lawsuit claims that after the November assault, nothing was done by Paine College to protect the students. It says they failed to provide adequate security for their students and they failed to inform students about the November sexual assault. The suit claims that students were assured that there was 24 hour security and the college was legally obligated to provide such security.

A lawyer for the victim told reporters, “The civil suit was filed because this never should have happened.” And hopefully it will not happen to another student, but it is terrible that a rape is what it took to get better security.

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