Pedestrian Wrongful Deaths

Our Atlanta wrongful death attorneys read a news article recently about two wrongful death cases in Athens regarding pedestrians killed by cars. Areas with large numbers of pedestrians and other forms of transport, such as bicycles, need to make sure drivers are aware of the dangers of driving around these more vulnerable people close to the road.

DSC05911bBoth wrongful death suits were filed in Clarke County Superior Court. One victim was 73 year-old Roger Griffith. After suffering an injury 20 years ago that made walking difficult, particularly over long distances, he often used a wheelchair to get around. A car hit him as he crossed Lexington Road in his electric wheelchair on the night of April 8th last year. He was killed instantly. The police report noted that Mr. Griffith’s wheelchair was not equipped with lights or reflectors, and a portion of the street where the accident occurred did not have street lights. His wife, Zelma Griffith, said her husband often used his wheelchair to visit people and run errands, and to travel to the bus stop on Lexington Road. The police did not cite the 66 year-old driver of the car that hit Mr. Griffith. I
n her complaint, Zelma Griffith stated that Mr. Griffith had crossed two lanes when the car hit him, and that Mr. Griffith “had already entered the roadway under safe conditions” when the driver failed to yield. She filed the lawsuit on July 22, and is seeking to recover the full value of her husband’s life, “in an amount to be determined by the enlightened conscience of a fair and impartial jury.”

The second lawsuit involved the death of 33 year old Teri Lynn Manders. A car struck Ms. Manders as she crossed West Broad Street on May 19. She was taken to the hospital but, due to the severity of her injuries, was taken off life support six days later. Police did not cite the driver, and found that Ms. Manders was wearing dark clothing at the time. On July 18, the administrator of Ms. Manders’ estate filed a negligence claim against the 65 year-old driver and her 78 year-old brother, who was a passenger in the car. The complaint asserts that the driver was reckless and failed to yield the right of way to Ms. Manders on the road. It also claims the brother was negligent “in entrusting (his sister) with his automobile when he knew or should have known that she was incapable of operating a motor vehicle.” The lawsuit seeks compensation for Ms. Manders’ life, and punitive damages “in a fair amount to be determined by the jury.”

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