People Injured in Georgia Tractor Trailer Crash

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys saw more news this week about how destructive truck accidents can be.

On Monday this week, three people were injured in an accident with a tractor trailer in Moultrie, although none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening. One person was airlifted to Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, while another was taken by ambulance. The third injury was very minor and the individual was taken to Colquett Regional Medical Center in Moultrie. The accident involved three large trucks that collided at an intersection – the three consisted of a Mayfield milk truck, a fertilizer truck, and a Swift tractor trailer. A spokesman for the Moultrie Fire Department, Lieutenant Justin Cox, said the accident happened around 4pm at the intersection of US 319 and Ga. 133 north. The wreck was so bad, that in addition to the injuries, that three fire department units, including a hazardous materials team, had to be sent to try to contain the 500 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled from the accident. Fortunately the fertilizer truck was found to be empty, as spilled fertilizer material could have been an even more pressing and potentially damaging problem.

Another accident happened earlier this month in Carroll Country that also sparked fears because of a fuel spill. Two semi-trucks crashed on Interstate 20- one truck rear ended the other, and ended up catching on fire. One semi-truck overturned and emergency crews had to deal with the spilling oil and diesel fuel. One of the tractor trailer drivers was also injured in this accident and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Atlanta due to serious injuries. And a logging truck also overturned at the end of July on Ga. 400 north. The load of logs spilled onto the roadway and, like in the other cases, so did diesel fuel and hydraulic fuel, causing a need for the hazardous materials unit to help clean up after the accident.

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These kind of multiple truck accidents happen too often, and cause dangers other than just the accident themselves, although from the injuries above it is clear these accidents also have a toll even on those in the biggest vehicles on the road. These spills and fires that come from the accidents cause danger as well, and backing up traffic or people rubbernecking due to these accidents that are slow to be cleared can cause more opportunities for road incidents.

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