Pit Bull Attacks Toddler, Shot by Police

Our Atlanta dog bite attorneys have talked about dangerous dog situations before and discussed Georgia’s changing laws relating to dangerous dogs (see here). Yet, it is importat to share more information about this issues, as another news story came out last week about an extremely dangerous dog, forcing a police officer to use force. bite.jpg
Last Tuesday at around 9pm near Joseph E. Boone Boulevard and Holly Road in northwest Atlanta, police officers were responding to an unrelated call during a routine patrol of the West Lake Avenue area. But then several people got the officers’ attention by waving and pointing down the street, according to an Atlanta police department spokesperson. They found a woman screaming as a dog was trying to attack the child she was holding. The spokesperson, Officer Kim Jones, said, “Officers then observed a Pit Bull that was attacking a woman who was holding a 2-year-old child. The dog was attempting to bite the child and several times during the incident the dog was successful in grabbing the child’s clothing and tugging on the child.” The woman had to pull the 2 year old away to try to protect it. When the woman broke free of the pit bull for a moment, one of the police officers took the opening to protect the woman and child, firing his weapon several times at the dog. The dog died as a result. The woman, who is the child’s mother, went with the child to Grady Hospital after being treated for injuries on the scene. Another police spokesperson said the officer’s actions maybe have saved the child’s life and was necessary to keep injuries to a minimum.
It is unclear who owned this particular dog. However, negligent dog owners are responsible for the actions of a dangerous or vicious dog. Georgians need to be aware of this, especially as children are particularly vulnerable to these kinds of dog attacks. To keep our communities safe, dog owners need to be responsible or face penalties when they fail to act reasonably.

It is an ongoing problem, and, as mentioned in a previous post, dog bite incidents have increased in Georgia. There remains much debate over whether certain breeds of dog are more dangerous than others. Pit bulls are sometimes thought to be a more aggressive breed and one study showed that pit bulls were responsible for more than 40 percent of dog bites. Another study found that 94 percent of pit bull attacks on children were unprovoked. That number is only 43 percent unprovoked for other dog breeds. This is why many areas of the country have prohibitions on owning pit bulls, including Miami, Florida, and Denver, Colorado. Also worrying, a study showed that almost 45 percent of dog bites happen with a dog that is a family pet.
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