Pit Bull Bites Child’s Ear

This blog has discussed the danges of negligent dog owners before, and about Georgia’s dog bite laws, but it is important to remember that most of the time, a dog attack occurs with a dog that is known to the victim or belongs to a family member or neighbor.

Last week, according to news reports, a pit bull attacked an eight-year-old boy in Columbus, Georgia. A family, including the father, Marcus Mitchum, his wife, and their three kids – a ten-year-old boy, the eight-year-old boy who was attacked, and a four-year-old girl – were jogging in their neighborhood on Saturday. According to Mr. Mitchum, the three kids were running ahead of the parents as they got close to their home. Across the street, Elbert Martin was holding his pit bull, Bobo, on a leash. Bobo pulled away from Mr. Martin, who fell down, and charged at the children. According to the dad, Bobo jumped on the boy’s back and bit down on his ear. His teeth bit a hole through the boy’s ear from the earlobe to the cartilage and bruised the boy’s arm as well. Mr. Mitchum said he had to pull the dog off his son. His son was terrified at the time and had to have stitches. The Mitchum family also owns a pit bull and a Maltese. pitbull2.jpg

Mr. Martin, Bobo’s owner, tells a different story. He claims the three kids were playing with Bobo, and that the kids were teasing the dog. He saw Bobo jump up at the boy, but claims to have not seen the dog bite. He says Bobo came right back to him when he called for him.
The boy is doing fine now, say his family. And Bobo is being quarantined by Animal Control for ten days, to determine if he has any diseases like rabies. Mr. Martin states that Bobo is current on his rabies shots. If he is found healthy, he will be returned to Mr. Martin.

But that will not be the end of it. Mr. Mitchum says the case will go to court in March. He says he doesn’t want to cause problems with neighbors, but that Mr. Martin does not properly control his dog, a serious accusation when the dog is a powerful breed like a pit bull. He says he sees Bobo antagonizing other neighbors and trying to get loose. The court will have to decide who is telling the truth about Bobo, but these cases are important when a child is injured, and more children could be at risk in the future from a dangerous dog and a negligent owner.

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