Pit Bull Bites Six-Year-Old Boy In The Face

Last month, our Atlanta dog bite attorneys noticed a story about another young victim of a pit bull in Georgia.

At a neighborhood PetSmart on Dawsonville Highway in Hall County, the Lane family, which owns a black lab and a terrier mix, went on a shopping trip. Michelle Lane and her four children, including six-year-old David, were talking to two other customers, Darin Dyer and Craig Wooke, the latter of which had brought in his pet pit bull. Ms. Lane’s daughter, Olivia, considers herself a pit bull advocate and the children were petting the dog. Ms. Lane said they let their guard down when David went up to the pit bull and the dog bit him in the face.

The little boy’s face was covered in blood and his mother frantically asked for first aid as she tried to stop the bleeding. She also asked the two men who came with the pit bull to stay and talk to the authorities about the incident, but they both left anyway. James Weber, another witness to this incident, tried to confront Dyer and Wooke in the PetSmart parking lot, but reported one of them, later known to be Darin Dyer, waived a handgun and then drove away. Pit_bull.jpg

The hurt little boy had to go to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where he got nine stitches in his face, although doctors think there will be no lasting damage. Mike Ledford, director of Hall County Animal Services, said they believed they had the dog and quarantined it to check for rabies as the incident was under investigation. He said it was “highly unlikely” that the pit bull had rabies, though. The investigation has been turned over to the criminal investigations section at the Gainesville Police Department. Mr. Ledford said in a dog bite investigation they check the statements of witnesses and the victim and that usually the owner of the dog admits that the dog bite occurred. Unfortunately the dog owner here acted even more irresponsibly, first with the dangerous dog and then fleeing the scene. David’s mother, Ms. Lane, told reporters, “All I wanted the man to do was to see if my kid was OK and to cooperate with the authorities.”

A few days after the incident, the two men were arrested in connection with the dog bite incident. Gainesville Police Cpl. Kevin Holbrook stated that Wooke, the pit bull’s owner, was charged with being a party to a crime and that Dyer, who waived the gun at the witness, was charged with aggravated assault.

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