Police Dog Attacks Walmart Employee

Our Alpharetta dog bite attorneys know that working dogs are a valuable asset to our law enforcement officers. But these highly trained dogs, while playing an important role, can also be dangerous if not properly watched and taken care of. Regardless of whether the dog is a working K-9 or not, innocent bystanders must be protected from vicious attacks by these animals.
According to news reports earlier this month, 52 year old Walmart employee Mang Dieke was taking an early morning coffee break outside his Fayetteville, Georgia, Walmart. Nearby a locked SUV sat while a K-9 handler for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office went into the store to use the restroom. Mr. Dieke heard a car door pop and was terrified as a Belgian malinois ran across the parking lot in his direction. Mr. Dieke said, “He got right in my face. He got me on the arm, and I had to drag him inside the store to get help.” The K-9 handler rushed to Mr. Dieke’s aid as soon as he saw what was happening with the dog. Still, Mr. Dieke suffered from bite wounds to his stomach, arm, and groin area. He may require surgery to repair some of the damage from the attack. The Sherriff’s Office is unsure how the dog escaped from the locked car, but they believe frequency interference may have caused the remote to release the lock. The Sherriff’s Office also states that this particular K-9 had no prior history of aggression, and speculated that the dog overreached to getting out of the car without his handler.pitbull.jpg
These K-9 law enforcement dogs are highly trained but come from particular breeds which can be powerful and dangerous in the wrong circumstances. The same week as this attack in Fayetteville, a K-9 handler in Michigan was forced to shoot his police dog, a German Shepherd. The handler noticed markedly increased aggressive behavior from the K-9 and took him to the veterinarian to determine the cause of the recent aggression. At the vet’s office, as the handler and veterinarian tried to leash him, the dog attacked the handler’s face. The handler reached up to protect his face. The dog latched onto his arm and would not let go, so the handler, a deputy with the Oakland County Sherriff’s Office, was forced to draw his gun and shoot the dog. The dog’s body is being set to a lab at Michigan State University to try to determine the cause of his extreme aggressive behavior.
Dogs can be excellent family pets and play an important role in so many areas of our lives. They can also be helpful law enforcement tools. But dogs are still animals, and the owners and handlers are required by law to be responsible owners. If someone in your family has been attacked or wounded by a dog, our experienced Alpharetta dog bite attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter, PC can assist you with how to move forward with you case. Call us today at 404-991-5950, or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form for a free consultation.
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