Scientists Explore New Test for Atlanta Whiplash Sufferers

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that occurs in motor vehicle accidents, and especially rear-end crashes. Many victims of whiplash accidents face difficulty recovering the compensation that they need and deserve because there are no conclusive medical tests that can show the extent of injuries caused by whiplash. An Atlanta rear end accident lawyer can provide help to clients who have been victims of a crash that caused whiplash. Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. will fight to help you show that you were badly hurt by the accident and that the whiplash is affecting your life. medical-709366-m

Although you can successfully make a whiplash claim, having a test to identify whiplash would go a long way towards making these types of cases easier. Fortunately, Physical Therapy Products reports that researchers have identified a new approach to identifying which whiplash sufferers will develop disability, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If this new approach becomes standard, car accident victims should have a much easier time showing insurance companies and juries that they are entitled to extensive damages after a crash that causes whiplash.

New Test Could be Instrumental In Whiplash Diagnosis

Researchers from Northwestern University believe that special MRI imaging may be useful in identifying when patients will suffer from severe ongoing whiplash injuries. The MRI test can be administered within the first week or the first two weeks after someone is involved in an accident and is experiencing whiplash symptoms.

The MRI is able to detect unusual muscular changes within the chronic pain group. The MRI measures the ratio of fat and water in the muscles. When the MRI shows that there is a lot of fat infiltrating the muscles in the neck, this is an indicator of rapid atrophy. This represents a more severe injury and suggests that the patient is likely to experience ongoing, chronic, debilitating effects from the whiplash injury. The buildup of fat in the neck muscles does not appear to be linked to either the victim’s body shape or to the victim’s size.

Patients who have a large amount of fat in the few weeks after the whiplash typically also have a large amount of fat in neck muscles at both one month after the injury as well as three months after the injury. The patients with this symptom developed disability and chronic pain in virtually all cases.

An MRI is not a standard test conducted for whiplash sufferers. However, if this new research turns out to be correct, it could become a standard protocol for people diagnosed with whiplash after a motor vehicle accident. A patient who has this high amount of fat could be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist early on for help with PTSD symptoms. The evidence could perhaps also be used to show an insurer or a jury that the whiplash is real and that the patient deserves sufficient compensation for his disabling injuries.

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