Security Company Sued For Negligence Over Shooting Case

Our Atlanta negligent security lawyers noticed a recent story about the outcome of a murder trial related to a negligent security lawsuit.

A Georgia court found Nkosi Thandiwe guilty of shooting three women, killing one, sentencing him to life in prison without parole. The shooting occurred in Midtown in July 2011, taking the life of Brittney Watts, a Roswell resident. The two surviving victims were Lauren Garcia, who is paralyzed and will never walk again after the shooting, and Tiffany Ferenczy, who was shot in the leg. All three victims worked in the building attached to the parking garage at the Proscenium Building, where Thandiwe worked as a security guard – hired to protect the people he harmed and killed. The prosecutor in Thandiwe’s case, Linda Dunikoski, said, “He told you the reason he shot those people was because he adopted the racists’ attitudes and wanted to start a revolution through violence.” Thandiwe testified that he had gotten angry with his supervisor earlier in the day and almost pulled a gun on him, as well. At the trial, it came out that he had come to these beliefs about white people and how they treat blacks during his years in college at the University of West Georgia, where he studied anthropology. He testified that he felt Europeans were responsible for “a lot of evil”. His mother, Lynnae, also testified to her son’s mental breakdown in college. The prosecutor stated that Thandiwe grew up with two parents and a good home with the benefits of the “American dream.” The jury found him guilty and rejected Thandiwe’s insanity defense, after the defense provided insufficient proof or any medical history of insanity. 586px-Gun_outline.svg.png

The criminal trial is now over, but the survivors, Ms. Ferenczy and Ms. Garcia, as well as the widowed husband of Brittney Watts, all filed lawsuits last year against Allied Barton Security Services and the owner of the Proscenium Building due to negligence in employing Thandiwe. The cases were filed in Fulton County Superior Court. The lawsuits include accusations of racial motivation, which is borne out by the testimony at Thandiwe’s criminal trial. Allegedly, an incident occurred weeks before the fatal shooting in which Thandiwe was involved in a fight with a visitor to the building, and he assaulted this courier using racial slurs. News sources claim he had to be physically restrained by Allied Barton personnel from hitting and hurting visitor. He bought the gun, a Glock semi-automatic, two weeks before the July 2011 shooting.

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