Stores Have an Obligation to Keep Shoppers Safe During the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season has arrived in full force. Many people will be out hitting the stores this season, and unfortunately some of those shoppers are at risk of injuries from crowds, violence, or poorly maintained stores. It is the obligation of malls and shopping centers to exercise reasonable care to avoid causing harm to others. If an injury happens and the property owner fell short in fulfilling his duty, victims could be entitled to compensation for damages. premises liability accidents holiday shopping

An Atlanta premises liability lawyer can provide assistance to victims injured while out doing their Christmas shopping. Our attorneys can help you to determine if you have a case for compensation due to your injuries and can assist you in pursuing your damage claim if someone was responsible for the harm that you endured.

Atlanta Premises Liability Laws and Holiday Shopping Injuries

There are many different situations where holiday shoppers could be hurt and stores could be held accountable. Examples include:

  • Injuries due to slip and falls: Falls can happen if floors are slippery or not properly maintained. Debris in walkways is common in crowded stores where staff members may not have time to keep things put away. When a fall happens, the victim who slipped could pursue a case for injuries against the store.
  • Items falling off shelves and onto customers: Stores tend to get lots of stock in around the holidays and may not have space to store everything. Items stacked too high on shelves could fall onto patrons, causing serious injuries that the store becomes responsible for.
  • A failure on the part of stores to appropriately manage crowd control: On busy shopping days, stores can sometimes become overcrowded. There are even circumstances where big groups line up outside of stores in order to take advantage of doorbuster deals. When this happens, patrons could end up getting knocked down or trampled in the rush of people trying to buy low priced items. If the store didn’t provide adequate security and did not have sufficient crowd control measures in place, this could lead to liability.
  • Acts of violence resulting from negligent security: Stores have to provide a reasonably safe environment, including taking some precautions to make sure that visitors aren’t harmed by acts of violence. The risk of a robbery or other attack will play a role in determining exactly what a store owner’s responsibilities are in preventing injury due to violence.

When an injury happens, it is important to determine what a property owner’s obligations were in preventing that injury. Those who invite people onto their premises for commercial reasons have certain basic obligations to make certain that hazards are corrected and that visitors are warned about dangers. It is up to a victim to show a property owner fell short of fulfilling his or her obligations if the victim wishes to get compensation for harm.

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