Street Racing Kills Two in Georgia

It is incredibly sad and frustrating when there are deaths and injuries that are completely unnecessary.For example, our Atlanta car accident attorneys ( recently read a tragic story involving entirely preventable death that occured last week, about a foolish street race that killed a young man and an infant boy.

Last Friday morning, 22 year old Kyrie Alassen Anderson was driving her Honda Accord on I-20 westbound near Conyers, about 25 miles outside Atlanta. She and boyfriend, 19 year old Edi Rodriguez, were taking her seven month old son Hunter to visit friends, having left her older son, three year old Blake, with a babysitter.

According to the police reports, Anderson started racing with another vehicle on the road. At some point, Anderson lost control of her car, hit a guardrail, and went back across two westbound lanes, where the Accord was hit by Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

Police Sergeant Jeff Puckett said, “One mistake, a mechanical failure, a tire problem, a tire blow out, anything can happen.” Anderson was injured with a broken neck and multiple fractures and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. The people in the Chevy pickup truck- Jody Shane Richardson, 34, and Terry Lee Chaney, 48- were also injured and taken to the hospital and released. Tragically, both passengers in Anderson’s car- Edi Rodriguez and Hunter, whose grandmother called “a good little boy” always playing and smiling- died in the car crash. Another less serious accident occurred right after when a car tried to slow down because of the crash and was rear ended by another car.

Anderson has told reporters that Rodriguez was the one driving and the incident started because another vehicle was driving too close to them. She claimed Rodriguez left the car after the accident to check on Hunter and was killed after being hit by a passing car. Rodriguez’s family told reporters they don’t want Anderson to face charges because she has been through enough. A spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol said the other driver, the one Anderson was racing against, has been identified and will be interviewed in the ongoing investigation of this fatal crash. The investigation has been turned over to the GSP’s Special Collision Reconstruction Team, and charges, if any, will be filed after the investigation is over.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers
This tragedy was something that did not need to happen. Dangerous driving is 100 percent avoidable, and is a choice a driver makes. If someone in your family has been hurt by a negligent driver, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter can able to help you understand your case and any options to move forward with legal avenues. Contact the Law Office of Sammons & Carpenter today at 404-814-8948, or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form for a free consultation.

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