Student Killed In Head-On Car Crash

Vehicle accidents don’t stop for the holidays, unfortunately. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys know that dangerous drivers are on the road all year long.

A recent story showed just this, and now a family is going through a terrible holiday season without a loved one. At the end of November, just around the Thanksgiving holiday, Mariah Myers, a 23-year-old graduate student at Albany State University, was driving with her mother, Claudia Myers, in rural McIntosh County. Mariah graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2011 and was studying for a Master’s degree in early childhood education, and she was supposed to graduate in just a few months. She worked as a pre-kindergarten teacher at Baby World Daycare Center. She was also involved in her church and community, acting as vice-president of Albany State University’s Gospel Choir, and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and as a mentor for Divine Visions. She also led a Girl Scout troop and was enthusiastic about helping young women. The Dean of Education, Kimberly Suress Gaiters-Fields, stated of Mariah ,”She was very nurturing, caring, and held high expectations for her students.”

But on that night, just before 7pm, the week of Thanksgiving, Mariah was involved in a head-on collision as she was driving west on Highway 99 between Briar Patch and Eulonia. She died at the scene. Her mother was seriously injured and taken by ambulance to Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah.

The other car was a Crown Victoria, which was heading east on the same road. It was driven by Tim Scott, who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 1996 for stabbing a man in McIntosh. Witnesses said that Mr. Scott was speeding to pass other vehicles at the time of the collision that took Mariah Myers’ life, the speed causing the head-on impact to be even more destructive. Mr. Scott and his passenger, Andre Jackson, were airlifted to a Savannah hospital, as well, with serious injuries.

If the above information is true, then this young woman lost her life due to the dangerous driving behavior of another, and she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. She did not have to die, and did nothing to deserve such a tragically young death. Reckless and negligent driving should be punished, in criminal law if appropriate, but also in civil law. No amount of money could ever compensate for the loss of a loved one, like Mariah, but these cases are often not just about getting monetary compensation for a grieving family. It is also about obtaining justice and a way to incentivize the driver, and other drivers, to be more careful on the roads.

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