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When visitors go to a hotel or any public space, they have the right to expect they’ll be reasonably safe on the premises. Property owners are expected to maintain public areas when they invite customers in, including making sure that any obvious hazards are identified and corrected. If there are dangers that exist that cannot be easily remedied, patrons who visit hotels or these other public spaces are entitled to be warned of the risks. Atlanta hotel accident

Unfortunately, a recent hotel accident demonstrates the severity of injuries that could occur when things go wrong and property owners fail to fulfill their obligations. WTOP reported on the incident, which resulted in 25 minutes of panic, after a serious injury occurred at a hotel and casino.

Those who are hurt at a hotel, casino, or any other public place need to understand their legal rights and take appropriate action if injury occurs. An Atlanta premises liability lawyer can represent those who have been harmed and can help them to take appropriate legal action against property owners when those property owners created hazardous conditions that resulted in injury.

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