The Threat of Georgia Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are dangerous. Many have probably read the statistics which show that the risk of suffering a serious injury or death while traveling is far greater for those on motorcycles than in cars or trucks. This is a product of various factors, most notably the minimal protection offered by these vehicles. On a motorcycle the body is much more exposed than in a car or truck. That is part of the reason why in Georgia there is a law requiring motorcyclists to wear a helmet. The mandatory helmet laws have led to statistical decreases in deaths from Georgia motorcycle accidents.

Of course, helmets can only do so much to keep travelers safe. Serious motorcycle accidents still strike across the state on a frequent basis. Unfortunately, many car drivers act negligently when sharing the road with motorcyclists. Because motorcyclists are far more likely to suffer injury in an accident than car riders, there are many local tragedies where motorcyclists are injured or killed in accidents that were entirely the fault of other drivers.

Sadly this was once again the case over the weekend, when a Polk County resident was killed in a horrible highway accident on I-20 westbound near Lee Road in Lithia Springs in Douglas County. The victim was 37 year old Jason Dale Strickland. He was driving his Harley Davidson motorcycle early Sunday morning when Francisco Ferrer from Dallas, driving a Honda Element, hit Mr. Strickland from behind, ejecting him off the motorcycle and into the center lane. Mr. Strickland was then hit by an oncoming truck. Mr. Strickland died instantly but the other two drivers suffered no injuries. There are allegations that Mr. Ferrer was drunk at the time, and he has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, DUI, and following too closely.

Just a week before, Krista Stein, a 47 year old from Cumming, was a passenger on a motorcycle on Ga. 400 in Dawson County when her Harley Davidson collided with a Chevy Tahoe, killing her and severely injuring the driver of the motorcycle, her 53 year old husband Daniel Stein. The driver of the Tahoe was attempting to cross lanes of traffic when the accident occurred. Again, neither the driver nor the passenger in the Chevy Tahoe was seriously injured. This crash is still under investigation for potential criminal charges.

These are just two recent examples of these kinds of tragedies. In all of these situations, our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers believe that thorough investigations need to be conducted to ensure that all the families involved are given full explanations for what happened and why.

Here in Georgia, the at-fault driver may be liable to the injured party in a civil case for negligence following these accidents, even if they are not criminally liable. All drivers in Georgia owe a duty care to one another, and car riders must be vigilant when sharing the road with motorcyclists. Failing to see a motorcyclist is never an excuse.

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