Tractor Trailer Hit and Run in Georgia

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys know that as we head into August Georgians will continue to be on the road for their summer vacations. Whatever the destination, care needs to be taken on the road as dangers abound from negligent drivers, especially sizable vehicles like tractor trailers.

As an example, earlier this month there was a hit-and-run accident on I-81 involving a tractor trailer and a mini-van. Reports say that the white Dodge mini-van was on I-81 south around mile marker 47 in South Middleton Township between the York Road and the Hanover Street interchanges around noon when it was hit by an unidentified tractor trailer. The tractor trailer hit the van on the right side and the impact pushed the van across the grass median and into the northbound lane of I-81. Police say the van impacted the roadside embankment and came to an uncontrolled rest. Marsha Nyla Charles-Lynch, a 42 year old woman from Dallas, Georgia, was driving the mini-van at the time. There were eight other people in the mini-van when it was hit, three adults and six children between the ages of three and seven. According to area police, the other adults were Ronald Paul Chin, 43 years old, and Roan Lynch, 22 years old, both also from Dallas, Georgia.

It is unclear exactly what injuries were sustained from the accident, but reports say all nine suffered from some kind of injury. One of the children was taken to the hospital by Life Lion, and three other children and their mother were taken by ambulance to another hospital.

Police Chief Robert Pine said, “With the initial information we had, we didn’t know what we were getting into. We heard it might be five to six patients, and that number kept getting larger. It wasn’t until we loaded the last patient into the ambulance that we realized it was nine people.” Chief Pine reported that there were four ambulance crews on the scene, and Yellow Breeches EMS also offered its assistance. trailer (born1945).jpg

It is fortunate that all those involved in this accident will recover from their injuries. Many others are not so lucky, particularly when they are involved in an accident with a semi. Sady, as this case demonstrates, some who drive these vehicle fail to respect the law, even going so far as to leave the scene of the accident. Drivers capable of this conduct are usually similarly capable of ignoring other safety standards, like ensuring proper rest and that the vehicle does not pose any mechanical risks. It is important for local residents to understand that the civil law provides a way to hold these wrongdoers accountable Not only that but negligent companies can be demanded to ensure their drivers act appropriately when on the road to keep fellow travelers safe.

If you or someone in your family has been involved in an accident involving a tractor trailer, the Georgia vehicle accident attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter can help you determine if you have a case and how to move forward with your case.

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