Tractor Trailer Runs Red Light and Kills Two Atlanta Coworkers

The size and power of a tractor trailer and the recklessness of running a red light combined this week in a fatal accident, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. As Atlanta truck accident lawyers, we know that dangerous driving is compounded when a tractor trailer is involved, and these two innocent women suffered the consequences.

trucking accidents.jpgLast week, on her third day in a new job, former Atlanta Journal-Constitution advertiser Tracy Downer rode along with her experienced co-worker, Michelle Chinnis, who had been with the company for eight years. The two women worked for, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. Ms. Chinnis was an advertising specialist with AutoTrader and Ms. Downer had just been hired as an advertising consultant. The two were on a sales call at the time and were in Ms. Chinnis’s car when witnesses say an 18-wheel tractor trailer ran a red light and smashed into them on Thornton Road in Douglas County. Witnesses also heard the loud screeching of the tires trying to stop but the tractor trailer did not have enough time or space. The impact pushed the coworker’s Nissan forward into the intersection and caused a chain reaction crash that injured four others who were hospitalized. Ms. Downer, 44 years old and with two young children aged six and nine, died at the scene. Ms. Chinnis, 35 years old and with a 16 year old daughter, had to be extricated from the wreck and taken to the hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.

The coworkers of these two women have already started a fund for the three children, hoping to provide for them to go to college despite the tragedy in their young lives.

The driver of the tractor trailer was 64 year old Robert John Sansom of Colorado, who was not injured according to Georgia State troopers, as is often the case when huge tractor trailers are in accidents with much smaller personal vehicles. The Georgia police say no charges have been filed as of yet against Mr. Sansom. Sgt. Darryl Irvin told reporters, “Because of the large mass of the tractor trailer and the distance it travelled, it looks like it may have been going fast. But you can’t determine that just by looks. The sheer mass and weight alone could have caused it even at a slow pace.” Of course, this serve as a reminder of how dangerous these vehicles are and how much extra care is required to keep them safe on the roads.

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